Business consulting: what is it?

If you have ever asked yourself this question, you might be able to find the answer here. CRIFA takes care of business consulting and training. We believe these are interconnected. They permeate each other. The common element is the use of motion intelligence that cross-cuts business consulting, training and other activities in which we specialize. Problem solving applied to human resources.

Here below are some testimonials about CRIFA.

CRIFA, unlike what classical training does, makes you work in depth and leads you to uncover your capabilities and potential, of which you were unaware up until yesterday. This is why I strongly recommend that entrepreneurs and professionals who are involved, even heavily, in their businesses, start a journey with CRIFA. They enable us to pull out our true capabilities and potential.

This is one of those activities one needs to do so that people take up positively their assigned roles within the company. You can try and tweak a process in the best way, you can introduce the most advanced technologies in the world, but is someone refuses to collaborate, you are never going to get anything from them. And in order to build a successful collaboration, Motion Intelligence is a must.

All I can say is that I have discovered very quickly what motion intelligence is and how to improve it. I will tell you my story. I never saw myself as a particularly agile person. During a catch exercise with a tennis ball, in a workshop outdoors, I blatantly missed the first three catching attempts. “Here we go again”, I thought. Then they told me to do something specific when I see the ball coming (…) Unbelievable, I never missed a single one of the next catches, at least three dozens of them. I was able to catch the ball every single time!

I recommend CRIFA to professionals and entrepreneurs because Motion Intelligence can improve our performance. So it can improve those of our employees and collaborators.