Motion Intelligence

Motion Intelligence

Innovative training and disruptive business consulting thanks to the application of Motion Intelligence. CRIFA takes the challenge.

The revolutionary methods developed thanks to the innovative training we provide, allow us to claim that there is no difference between the way one person throws a ball and how they launch a product, service, or activity… Because we believe that the areas of the nervous systems that get activated are essentially the same.


1. Instant changes

2. No resistance

3. Faster results

As previously mentioned, with Motion Intelligence-based training we work at neurological level. In fact, through play and physical movement, we stimulate in business and organizations the changes necessary to achieve the desired results. Therefore the process is faster, more dynamic, addictive. We never go into the technical aspects of our clients job. We provide them with practical, simple and effective tools so they can carry it out at best.


1. Decrease in work times

2. Better workplace environment

3. Net profit increase

These are just a few examples of the results that can be achieved with the innovative, motional intelligence-based training offered by CRIFA. Just with the course on Effective Workplace Communication, for example, one can decrease times to fulfill orders, the use of overtime and even absenteeism. The net profit increase is a pretty much natural consequence.


When we work with a team that must launch a new product on the market, we make them physically launch balls, tennis or rubber balls, depending on whether the location available for training is outdoors or indoors.

Based on the research and experience of our founder, we have developed consulting and training methodologies that are by far faster and more effective than traditional approaches.

Thanks to Motion Intelligence, we do not lecture and overwhelm the poor victims with a series of abstract data and vague indications. As Albert Einstein rightly said, learning is an experience. Everything else is an information. 

Not only that. We do not propose experiences just for experience’s sake, like playing with Legos, go on a sailboat or in the woods. We propose only experiences based on Motion Intelligence and physical movement that are functional to unlocking and stimulating the individual abilities that the work team really needs.

If the organisation needs to improve communication, we propose specific experiences and motor games. When the business needs to decrease processing times, we make use of other scenarios and motor actions. Conversely, when an organization wants to increase the sense of belonging, we have different solutions and methodologies that allow them to achieve it.

Quickly, effectively, in an addictive and fun way.

Another example of Motion Intelligence application is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Perhaps not everyone has realized that the notorious AI in order to be developed needs the most intensive application of human intelligence ever.