CRIFA. Disruptive Change Management


Research and innovation are the beating heart of CRIFA.

Problem solving algorithm, effective communication in the workplace, public speaking, Motion Intelligence, leadership, boundless thinking.

These are some examples of CRIFA know-how we use in business consulting and training. Methods, protocols and approaches developed over the years, which allow us to deliver results very quickly.

Specifically, when it comes to business consulting and formation, we are able to produce changes in the work team and the people involved in them within 24 hours. If not in real time, since with Motion Intelligence we work directly at the neurological level.

Problem solving algorithm. After over ten years of research, we have developed what Yuval Noah Harari defines as an “organized set of instructions”, which allow to solve any kind of problem that concerns one or multiple people. The algorithm is based on a universal definition of problem.

Assertiveness. Starting from Motion Intelligence, we developed a method that allows people to improve trust, confidence and self-esteem. The method is based on the use of some motor schemes of the human being, which if effectively stimulated, lead to results in just a few days.

Public speaking. In this area we use Motion Intelligence to develop public speaking skills pretty much in real time. Thanks to the use of body stimuli based on gravity, people improve rhythm, tone of voice, and confidence.

Effective communication in businesses and organizations. Thanks to Motion Intelligence , we have created an approach that improves communication within work teams. People also have the possibility to experience on a cognitive, physical and motor level what a business process is. 

Motion intelligence. We will never grow tired of repeating the words of Carl Gustav Jung, psychotherapist and anthropologist.

I visited the Native Americans Pueblo. I was shocked when they told me that they considered all American crazy. I asked them why. They said: “They are convinced they think with their head. No man in their right mind thinks with their head”.