How to increase sales without any investments

How to increase sales by 43% in 6 months without making investments.

Sales increase

We have worked with a business that offers services to enterprises. At the end of our intervention, profits showed a 43% increase.

We never went into the technical aspects of the business activity. No investments were necessary other than our consulting.
Our intervention, focusing on how to increase sales, was targeted towards an organization. Employees: aged 35-57 years old, 65% males and 35% females. Education level ranging from middle school to college degrees and beyond. 

The request came from top management, consisting of 5 people (3 males, 2 females), with whom we worked closely together. After designing general strategies and objectives, we decided to open the project up to all personnel. Our activity consisted of providing support to anyone who requested it, relatively to improving internal communication and raising awareness on teamwork and sense of belonging.

What did we do, in practice?

  • Monthly meeting with top management. Once a month we met with the 5 managers to verify the progress with the results and implement corrective actions.
  • Meetings open to all. We organized 3 meetings, approximately on a bi-monthly basis, during which, together with top management, we simply listened to every single employee. At first, we mainly got complaints. With time, gradually, they gave way to appreciation for the initiative. Eventually, we began receiving several proposals and suggestions (which were then implemented) on how to improve business processes and sales. During these meetings, we proposed games based on motion intelligence to improve internal communication. Another point that was greatly appreciated was the sharing of data regarding business performance.
  • Establishment of a personal business coaching service for whomever requested it. Eight people took advantage of it for their own individual professional needs. The common objective was to be able to improve aspects of their working style, either as individuals or in a team.


  1. We never got into the technical aspects of the job
  2. Every proposed activity was elective
  3. No additional investments were required

Increasing sales is one of the most common requests not only from our clients, but also from any entrepreneurial reality. It is not a case that we decided to focus on the so-called soft skills, defined as all those “immaterial and intangible”skills that are required for an enterprise to work and compete successfully.

We are referring to first of all, but not only, internal communication, ability to work as part of a team, motivation, and sense of belonging.

It is not a case that, in our experience, soft skills have an impact of up to 80% on the financial results of any organization.