Business Consulting


We take care of business consulting. However, it is not always clear what business consulting entails. In the following paragraphs, you will find some examples of the kind of results we bring to our client businesses and organizations.

Definition of a business strategy

We are at the side of businesses and organizations while they make the most important choices they need to stay competitive. We are talking about long-term vision, objective definition, optimization and organization of the necessary resources.

Improvement of business processes

First and foremost, it is necessary to understand what a business process is. Thanks to motion intelligence we let people experience it on a physical level. An improvement of business processes is a natural consequence.

Effective change management

The market keeps getting faster. The needs are ever more pressing. Knowing how to manage effectively the constantly required changes is no longer optional.


We use motion intelligence. The easiest and fastest way to obtain the desired results.

BUSINESS CONSULTING DEFINITION By business consulting one does not mean a type of consulting, but a series of specific and sectorial consults aimed at private businesses and public entities (…). Therefore, the technical/technological, fiscal, tax and administrative, financial, legal, psychological, medical, informatic, image and communication, HR, notary consulting when it is not aimed at customers-citizens (private clients), but at businesses, it falls in the vast category of business consulting. There are some consultings that are only business consultings. For example, the management consulting, the commercial one, the job consulting, workplace medicine, workplace psychology, process consulting and many other specialties of more general consultings.