1. Business Consulting


Through business consulting we work at the side of businesses and organizations. We solve problems with regards to soft skills and human resources. we do not deal with technical aspects. In fact, we never doubt our clients’ expertise. we simply provide support for the following aspects:


business process management

change management

2. Training

Business Training

Thanks to the use of motion intelligence, we offer training to businesses and organizations in the following areas:

team building

effective communication

leadership, motivation and collaboration

3. Workplace conflict resolution

HR Problem Solving

We specialize in workplace conflict management. Since 2010 we have been utilizing the most effective problem solving techniques for conflict resolution in businesses and organizations. We handle conflicts, both horizontally and vertically, which can involve:

business associates/partners



Please note

When it comes to the HR problem solving activity, our intervention is direct and sees us involved in person. We handle both management and resolution of conflicts originated between people who work within the organization.

On the other hand, when it comes to business consulting and training, our intervention is indirect. We follow the approach of the strategist from ancient China. Centuries ago, back when the Chinese colossus ruled the world, the emperor used to take advantage of a very important figure, i.e. the strategist. He was tasked with the job of giving advice to the emperor and guiding him. Not only for the most important decisions, but also for the ordinary, mundane activities. The strategist had the arduous job of staying diplomatic and elegant while fulfilling any request. In fact, he could never make the mistake of appearing more capable of the emperor, or suggesting him directly what to do. Because in such cases the punishment would have been his own death.

Here at CRIFA we strive to work with the same level of tactfulness and care. We certainly are not risking death, but disappointing a client never makes us happy. As we say…

We do not want to be the greatest. Only the best.