Conflict management in the workplace

We have been taking care of conflict management in the workplace since 2010. Success comes in just a few weeks. We work with only one of the people involved in the conflict.

Guaranteed results.

Conflict management in the worplace

According to our pluriannual experience, in order to manage effectively conflicts in the workplace, it is absolutely unnecessary to involve all interested parties. In fact, this is actually entirely counterproductive. The risk is to turn the entire process into a farcical situation comedy.


1. Act as quickly as possible

Our experience teaches us that the earlier the intervention, the more the chances to succeed. There are also excellent courses in workplace conflict management. The problem is that these require time. Not just for attendance, but also for acquiring the techniques and competencies which are taught.

2. Do not forget a lawyer and a labor consultant

The first one is fundamental in order to verify that every legal aspect is observed, in the best interest of every party involved in the conflict. The labor consultant is necessary in order to dispute with the appropriate disciplinary procedures any behavior that is not consistent or legally allowed.

3. Seek the help of companies or professionals specialized in workplace conflict management.

See above. To each their job. Disciplinary aspects to the labor consultant, legal aspects to the lawyer. When it comes to management and practical resolution of workplace conflicts, seek the help of specialized companies or professionals.

The conflict management procedure we exploit at CRIFA consists in identifying the one person who is the most willing to put an end to the state of tension. It does not matter whether the conflict arose within property, management, or employees. Or whether it is cross-cutting or involves several subjects. In any case we will always seek one person who is willing and available to put an end to the dispute. 

We are not psychologists and do not practice psychotherapy.


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