About us

CRIFA applies Motion Intelligence to business consulting and training.

Soft skills and human resources areas.


We do not deal with technical aspects. Working at the side of entrepreneurs, managers and employees to create the best possible environment in which they can realize their full potential. We improve processes, change management, internal communication, motivation, and organizational collaboration…

The know-how utilized by CRIFA in business consulting and training is unique. It allows our clients to reach surprising results. The desired changes happen in a way that is fast, natural and long-lasting.

Our founder, Cristiano Faenza, has over 10 years experience in research and experimentation applied to business consulting and beyond. In 2019 he was a speaker at the SMAU in Milan and Naples (Italy), at the Innovation Fair.

The CRIFA principles

Use of Motion Intelligence to ensure effective and fast business consulting and training (proprietary method legally certified)

Staff on demand. In line with the Exo philosophy, at CRIFA we do not have employees, but only external collaborators. For each project we recruit a team ad hoc.

Extremely fast in achieving the changes our clients want.

Our uniqueness.

The secret of CRIFA success is bringing motion intelligence to human resources and management. The innovations technology and market demand from marketplace require business consulting and training methods more evolved. More performing. An organization cannot afford taking years, or even just months, to change business models, production methods, or sale processes. Changes must occur pretty much in real time.

At the heart of CRIFA are research and experimentation. These are exactly the assets that allow us to create and develop that type of business consulting and training that our clients demand in order to succeed in a hyper-competitive, global market.

Life is like a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.

Charles M. Schultz